Reviewed by Independent Book Reviews

Reviewed by Independent Book Reviews

Reviewed by Independent Book Reviews

“BOOK REVIEW: Angelic Messenger”

From drug addiction to near-death experiences, Shawn Lange goes through it all in Angelic Messenger.

Angelic Messenger: A Man’s Quest to Become an Angel of God by Shawn E. Lange is a story based on real events documenting one man’s downfall and his eventual rise to become the angel of God he was destined to be.

These action-packed life stories guide readers toward metaphorical understandings of how to accept God’s roles for your life and how no matter what you go through, God is always waiting for you. The first section of this book tells Lange’s life story of his troublesome past.

Starting with the abuse he endured as a child, this section lets readers witness Lange’s decisions to step away from his path to God toward a life of drugs and sex. You won’t believe the things this man goes through up until he starts listening to his calling and return back to Jesus Christ.

Then, in section two, Angelic Messenger veers closer to a book of spirituality and self-help, helping readers recognize God’s grace and accepting the gifts that He gives you.

In this debut, Lange uses a unique technique to tell his life story, admitting from the start that it is based on real events as opposed to being a completely factual autobiography. Once you start recognizing Lange’s allegorical writing style, you climb aboard for the symbolic representations of what happened in his past.

The reader sits back and watches wild scenes unfold, like getting a 150-pound weight dropped on his one-year-old head or a dog launching him into a rusty door hinge.

This first section keeps you on your toes, constantly questioning exactly where Lange is leading you. 

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