Becoming a Messenger of God - Insights from Shawn Lange

Becoming a Messenger of God - Insights from Shawn Lange

What Is an Angel?

An angel is typically understood as a spirit being that sometimes takes human form. In the Bible, angels are always referred to as male, despite often being depicted as female in art. The word "angel" means messenger, and by implication, an angel is a messenger from God.

Are We All Angels?

Sometimes we refer to people as angels because they have helped or inspired us. In this sense, we can all be angels. We are spirit beings inhabiting temporary bodies, and through our actions and words, we can deliver messages of love, hope, and faith.

My Role as a Messenger

I believe that I am a messenger of God, tasked with sharing the spiritual truths I've discovered. In the Book of Revelation, the angels of the churches are the recipients of divine messages, and I see my role in a similar light. My book, Angelic Messenger, is a testament to the messages I've received and the insights I've gained.

Sharing the Divine Message

God speaks to me through the Holy Bible, and I share these messages with others. My hope is that by reading my book, you will also feel inspired to become a messenger of God's love and truth. We are all capable of delivering divine messages, and through our experiences, we can bring hope and healing to the world.

Join Me in the Quest

I invite you to join me in this quest to understand and share divine messages. Whether you are struggling with your own spiritual experiences or seeking to support a loved one, my book offers a unique perspective that can guide you on your journey. Together, we can uncover the messages from heaven and find our path to salvation.

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