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"Award winning manuscript honorable mention in New York, Los Angeles, New England and London, England, book contests.

Angelic Messenger, an epic first-person, testimony of a prophetic child's extraordinary journey. Shawn's story is a religious quest that takes place in Jungle Prada a historic landmark, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Lange's story describes the savage abuse of him and his family, to his dramatic near-death experiences, to Shawn's ultimate redemption. Lange's tale is a compelling story based on real events. A battle of principalities a war between good and evil over this young man's soul.

As a messenger, Angel, or even perhaps modern-day prophet. Shawn's struggles to control this gift that God ordains him with additional supernatural senses. Shawn battles the chaotic forces like the Anunnaki angels sent from hell to disguise Shawn's true intentions under a web of deceit.

Growing in knowledge matriculating with minds that succumb to Shawn's brilliance. As Shawn witnesses the rogue angels or demons battling Jesus and His Angels of Light, Shawn witnesses' events that take place in parallel universes viewing trials that occur in our foreground. Worlds you've never seen or realize exist until now!

Shawn's inspiring story is told through his unique voice and prospective. He explains that most of his writings are induced by visions he is able to transcribe events taking place right before his very own eyes.

Many benevolent celestial beings succumb to his abilities to communicate with him. Th e result is a narrative unlike any other you will read-Inspirational, compelling, authentic, and supernatural."

Angelic Messenger, A Man's Quest to Become an Angel of God.
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