Shawn Lange - A Man's Quest to Become an Angel of God

A Message from God for You

For July 19, 2024

God loves you.  He proved it by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, Who offered Himself as a sacrifice for your sins.  Accept Him, turn from your sins and call upon Him to deliver you from them.

If you are interested in other dimensions, near death experiences, visions and schizophrenia,
allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Shawn Lange, the author of Angelic Messenger,
A Man's Quest to Become an Angel of God.

My book, Angelic Messenger is a real-life retelling of my story by myself,
providing a peek into my past as I recall my experiences,
from what would be called tragic or normal and ordinary
to what would be called supernatural or crazy.

Reading my book will reveal to you how you can become a messenger from God
by learning from your own life experiences.

If you are confused, concerned, or simply curious, or you have had visions,
hallucinations or love someone who does, read my book.

It will help you learn how to navigate the complexities of your own life
as well as gain a deeper understanding of the mind and heart of a schizophrenic.

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Preface from:
"Angelic Messenger: A Man's Quest to Become an Angel of God"

"I am on a quest from the missions of God that sent me from the glory of communion, filling me with the blood of Christ, with God-like speed that sails me down the Universe. From out of my bellows, I pray to God as He journeys to my presence, He is not far from me now!

God’s blessings upon you my Angels with mercy that pleases my thoughts, by the scent of your senses for your mass have been long overdue. In the glory of your presence in my eyes that will make me that soul in you again my beloved brothers & confidants, we will be together soon.

Cataclysmic results of good superseding all evil! Trajectory triangulated annihilating any threatening incoming presence either spiritually or telepathically, this binds Angels with your presence.

My absolute desire to become an Angel of God, was just a shimmer of light, the fervor of the Lord’s excitement, knowing what kind of exuberance we would receive when we deliver our messages.

I amass the secrets about life after death, the stories about the deception of Adam and Eve, and how the battle of principalities was won. I explain how Satan foraged his own Empire to fight against our Republic, our Heavenly Father and Christ in Heaven."


The information that I stated in my manuscript about John F. Kennedy was given to by intel on who killed both Kennedy's you go to Youtube link explain the truth on who killed Kennedy and who was responsible for plasma cutting down the World Trade Centers here is the link:   

Movie Scripts

Four movie scripts, downloadable in Microsoft Word format.

Shawn Lange - A mans Quest to Become an Angel of God


"In my most prevalent prayers I asked for eternal knowledge and divine guidance. I also asked to become an Angel of God.”

Angelic Messenger, an epic first-person testimony of a prophetic child’s extraordinary journey. Shawn’s story is a religious quest that takes place in Jungle Prada a historic landmark, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Lange’s story describes the savage abuse of him and his family, to his dramatic near-death experiences, to Shawn’s ultimate redemption. Lange’s tale is a compelling story based on real events. A battle of principalities a war between good and evil over this young man’s soul.

As a messenger, Angel, or even perhaps modern-day prophet. Shawn’s struggles to control this gift that God ordains him with additional supernatural senses. Shawn battles the chaotic forces like the Anunnaki angels sent from hell to disguise Shawn’s true intentions under a web of deceit.

Growing in knowledge matriculating with minds that succumb to Shawn’s brilliance. As Shawn witnesses the rogue angels or demons battling Jesus and His Angels of Light, Shawn witnesses’ events that take place in parallel universes viewing trials that occur in our foreground. Worlds you’ve never seen or realize exist until now!

Shawn’s inspiring story is told through his unique voice and prospective. He explains that most of his writings are induced by visions he is able to transcribe events taking place right before his very own eyes.

Many benevolent celestial beings succumb to his abilities to communicate with him. The result is a narrative unlike any other you will read-Inspirational, compelling, authentic, and supernatural.

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